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North Peru Tours

Why Choosing Köslachek?

Why Köslachek?

Live, Learn & Travel!​

Köslachek Tours

Why Köslachek?

Enjoy Experiential Travel!

Köslachek Tours offers experiential travel with low-impact on local communities and ecosystems. Enrich your life and enjoy discovering worlds from the past & the present.
We offer travelers the opportunity to practice Spanish with locals. The world is an open book and Peru is an open classroom. Go beyond the limits and dare to explore the real Peru.
Köslachek Tours works closely with its sisters companies in the education, cultural and entertainment industry. We have been operating tours for more than ten years.

Trips With Purpose​

Support Low-Impact Tourism!

We believe local communities must also benefit from the effects of modern tourism: Traveling that minimizes the negative impact on the environment, local people & their cultures.

Giving back to our community: Köslachek Tours gives back to its community. Visit and use local services while serving its most vulnerable members: Kids. Our travelers have the opportunity to pay a visit to children shelters:  Doing charity work while traveling is tourism with purpose.

Social tourism gives travelers the opportunity to help disadvantage kids learn English. During our tours, travelers practice their Spanish with our crew and/or take Spanish classes offered by our sister company: Kasa de Franko.


Vera - Koslachek History
Vera F.

I Love Köslachek Tours!

I highly recommend Köslachek Tours to anyone who is interested in archeology, history, and Peruvian culture. Köslachek gave me the opportunity to see the real Peru: visit off-the-beaten-path places, have meaningful interactions with the locals, taste delicious homemade food, and practice my Spanish.
The tour itinerary was very balanced and included a wide range of activities from exploring archeological sites and world-class museums to doing social work at a local school and learning how to dance Marinera.
Harry - Koslachek History
Harry B.

Köslachek Was Awesome!

Our North Peru tour was really fun, educational, and engaging! I was impressed by the archeological sites we visited. The food was delicious. Koslachesk is tourism with purpose: We paid a visit to children´s shelter. A detailed itinerary and important information was provided in a very informative welcome package.
That made me feel very prepared for traveling in Northern Peru. Köslachek Tours took excellent care of our group from start to finish. The hotels were clean, safe, and conveniently located. The food was outstanding. I can’t wait to explore more places with Köslachek Tours!
Emilio - Koslachek History
Emilio R.

Köslachek: Best Tour Ever!

Traveling with Köslachek was awesome! Great cultural experience! Köslachek Tours is the best experiential travel company in the Northern Peru. They take you to see how people live in the small towns and big cities of North Peru.
The tour helps us interact with some other local people so we get a more authentic factor and experience in comparison with some other tours. Also, we appreciate the help towards learning and improving our Spanish throughout the whole experience of our tour.
Jennifer - Koslachek History
Jennifer R.

I Recommend Köslachek Tours!

I recommend Köslachek Tours to everyone! I was impressed by all the logistics involved and the experience of each visit. Some of the excavations had their particular guides working onsite and where kind enough to go through the whole history with us.
Our guides were so resourceful to find people always happy to teach us about their history. They really took their time and we did not feel we were rushing from one point to another. Certainly a different kind of experience that gets your closer to the northern Peruvian heritage.
Ben - Koslachek History
Ben Ch.

Köslachek: Our Best Decision

Traveling with Köslachek: Our best decision–ever! My girlfriend and I wanted to visit Peru to continue our Spanish immersion process. Köslachek gave us the opportunity to practice with locals during the entire trip. Our Spanish has improved greatly!
We have visited the Northern Peru. Food was delicious! We will travel with Köslachek again. They will be soon opening new tour routes with more cultural tourism and immersion travel. We can´t wait to go on another Köslachek Tours adventure.
Peter P.

A Beautiful Experience!

In summary, a beautiful experience with positive results! My wife and I visited archaeological sites, ate and drank the most delicious food and drinks—and as it wasn´t god enough, we practiced our Spanish and learned more about the great culture behind the language.
You don’t wanna learn Spanish? That´s fine! They´ll use English if you prefer. We just took advantage of this rare opportunity to immerse ourselves. As middle agers, we thought it was gonna be difficult to get into an immersion program.
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Happy Customer

We make world travel easy

Traveling under your own power and at your own pace, you’ll connect more meaningfully with your destination and have more fun!

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