Capital of Friendship!

Chiclayo: Capital of friendship

Chiclayo: Capital of friendship

The Friendly Chiclayans

Chiclayo, capital of the Lambayeque region, is a city known for its friendly people. Visit the neoclassical Santa Maria’s Cathedral and the Casa Elias Aguirre, a stunning 19th-century mansion, the Ex-Convent of San Francisco and the San Antonio de los Padres Descalzos Basilica.

Explore the bustling Mercado Modelo and the Witch Market, full of mysterious herbs, potions, and amulets used in traditional Peruvian medicine and rituals. See how people live and work in real time.

The Sicán National Museum in Ferreñafe showcases the culture and art of the ancient Sicán civilization (750 – 1375 AD), including the famous Sicán gold mask.

The Paseo de las Musas is another charming pedestrian street lined with statues of muses from Greek mythology.

Paseo Yortuque

Enjoy the Paseo Yortuque, a pedestrian walkway in Chiclayo: Yortuque is a legendary figure in the Moche culture of Peru. He was a brave and powerful warrior who fought against evil forces and protected his people.

The pedestrian street is decorated with statues and artwork depicting figures such as the Ai-Apaec, the Moche god of decapitation. The artwork is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the Moche people.

Zaña: Memoria Afroperuana

Zaña, a former contender for the official capital of the Virreinato of Peru, is also worth admiring. For outdoor adventures, Pimentel is the perfect spot to admire the caballitos de totora, the precursors of modern surfing.

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