Capital of Culture

Lambayeque: Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum

Lambayeque: Capital of Culture

The International Book Fair

Discover the vibrant and culturally rich destination of Lambayeque with Koslachek Private Tours. Known as the “Capital of Culture”. The Feria Internacional del Libro (International Book Fair) held in Lambayeque is the most important cultural event in the region, attracting visitors and authors from all over Peru and the world.

Lambayeque: The Feria Internacional del Libro

Lambayeque boasts a fascinating blend of pre-Columbian, colonial, and modern influences, making it a must-visit destination for the sophisticated traveler.

The region is also known for its traditional music, dance, and art, which reflect a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences.

Lambayeque: Traditional music, dance, and art.

The Túcume pyramids were once the religious center of the Lambayeque culture. These impressive pyramids offer a glimpse into the region’s fascinating pre-Hispanic past, and our expert guides will provide you with in-depth knowledge and insights to fully appreciate their significance.

The Túcume pyramids

A World Class Museum

Visit the impressive Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum and the Brüning Museum, which house a world-class collection of artifacts from the Moche culture. Marvel at the intricate gold and silver jewelry, elaborate ceramics, and other exquisite artifacts that showcase the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Moche civilization.

Learn about the archaeological discovery of The Lord of Sipán royal tomb and the significance of the treasures found within. Both museums provide a fascinating glimpse into the ancient world of the Moche people and their extraordinary craftsmanship.

The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum

El Señor de Sipán

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the Lord of Sipán, a prominent figure in Moche society. Lord of Sipán tomb, which was discovered in 1987, is considered one of the most significant archaeological finds of the 20th century. Delve into the story of this ancient ruler and gain insights into the fascinating Moche civilization.

Lord of Sipán

Gastronomy of Lambayeque

Indulge your taste buds with the region’s renowned cuisine, which includes delicious dishes such as seco de cabrito (stewed goat), arroz con pato (duck with rice), and ceviche, a Peruvian classic. Lambayeque is famous for the King Kong.

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