Giant Erotic Ceramics

Giant Erotic Ceramics

¡Huacos eróticos gigantes!

Hey there, time travelers! Wanna spice up your journey? We’ve got a secret to share: Keep it hush-hush until we dive in!—ever heard of the Moche civilization’s Huacos Eróticos? Mmm…

We surely got your attention with that headline and you may have never heard the phrase “huacos eróticos” before. Am I right? Yes, you are right too; we’re talking about the Giant Erotic Pre-Hispanic Ceramics in the Northern Peruvian city of Moche.

But hey, to guide you through this ancient Peruvian art, let us introduce a fantastic storyteller and friend!


Mike Cocke, a friend of Kasa De Franko—our sister company—will tell us about his trip to the Peruvian North. He always knows how to keep you hooked with his stories. Curious about his adventures?

Now, let’s have Mike take us on a journey back to the pre-Hispanic Northern Peruvian coast where this all started. Once upon a time, the Moche o Mochica civilization flourished in the arid Peruvian coastal area of now regions of Lambayeque and La Libertad…

Are you ready to join us (me and Mike Cocke, of course) on a journey back in time and explore?

Or, let’s dive into ancient Peru and discover a civilization that rocked between 100 and 800 AD—the Moche civilization, way before the Incas came into play.

“These ancient Peruvian artworks? They’re like a juicier version of those Spanish soap operas!” Mike grinned as they strolled in.

And guess what? He wasn’t kidding! The Moche folks told their wild stories through pottery that’s as captivating as a blockbuster movie—especially those hugemongous elongated-phallic “Huacos Eróticos” you can still check out in today’s Moche city.

Mike’s buddies, all hyped about the massive display of human intimacy, ask him about those artifacts—los “Huacos Eróticos?” Mike answers.

Giant Erotic Ceramics

Mike’s a seasoned traveler with Koslachek Tours; he’s done his homework and grilled our tour guides for every tidbit about this ancient culture.

He’s a pro at this! So, Mike breaks it down: “These ‘Huacos Eróticos’ are like time capsules into the Moche folks’ love lives.

Getting excited? It’s not “excitado” (check KDF’s false cognates), but we bet you’re eager for more! And hey, you should be.

Giant Erotic Ceramics

“Alright” Mike continues, ¨picture this: the Moche civilization were the rockstars of Peru long before the Incas—the latest pre-Hispanic civilization before European arrival.

These folks had an artsy side—they crafted these jaw-dropping “Huacos Eróticos” depicting love, passion, and all the juicy bits of human connections.

Yeah, Mike is right! Here, we’re talking about explicit pottery showing love scenes, parties, religious rituals, everyday activities and even fertility rites. It’s like tapping into the ancient Moche’s secret life and love diary! Just picture a Peruvian pre-Hispanic TMZ! No bad huh!

“Wow! You see”, Mike said, “they didn’t need Playboy, PornHub, OnlyFans or any of these platforms out there”.

Giant Ceramics

“Oh! I see it is more like a Moche’s Playboy and not a Macho’s Playboy” his friend replied. They all laughed.

“These Huacos Eróticos?” Mike continued after everyone stopped laughing. ¨They’re not just any old artifacts—they’re crafted with the skill of a modern romance novel writer!

He continued: “Despite their saucy content, these ceramics are meticulously done, showing off the Moche artisans’ epic skills”.

Guess what? Here’s the Big Surprise! Yes! Moche people got it big. They all have Big Dick Energy (BDE) Huacos. Everyone visiting Moche wants to get closer to admire los “Huacos Eróticos”—and in some cases venerated them. Los Huacos Eroticos exude such as a huge positive energy due to their pre-Hispanic glory.

In Moche City, you’re in for a wild treat! They’ve got these HUGE Huacos Eróticos scattered around la Campiña of Moche city. We’re talking larger-than-life versions of these racy ceramics.

Huacos eroticos

Imagine walking up to these colossal faces and sexual body parts, with all their intricate details, and feeling like you’ve stepped not only into an ancient love story but also into the essence of human nature! Feels like going back to your own roots. After all, we all belong to the same family, right?

Yes, the Porn Stars of their time: Iconic Huacos in Moche City. But there is much more to see in Moche mythology. Moche people had highest deities. Now it is time to meet the biggest of the big ones. Yeah, he got a big head and he will also cut heads just for fun—and because he can. Ready?

Time to meet Aipaec, el dios creador y decapitador de la gran cultura Moche (the creator and decapitator god of the great Moche culture). Aipaec is considered a significant deity within the Moche culture known for both its creative and violent aspects. Make sure he doesn’t get mad at you or he’ll take your head—and won’t give you one, unless that’s what you want.

If this god has piqued your interest, you absolutely must lay eyes on the “Decapitator Trophy Head Vessel,” a superstar Huaco. It’s a display of power (it’s always about power, isn’t it?) and sophistication, depicting someone immensely important from ancient times.”

Giant Erotic Ceramics

Well! That’s also true! In pre-Hispanic Moche, ladies got it bigger than men: They definitely got a bigger head. In this pre-Inca culture, women usually held positions of power as either religious or political leaders.

Then there’s the “El Brujo Lady” (La Dama de Cao) — oh, she’s a mysterious one, wearing her intricate jewelry, tattoos and possibly representing an elite lady from way back when.

Also, la Sacerdotiza de Moro in Chepén, Peru, is another example of women exercising positions of power in the pre-Hispanic Peru.

Explore Huacos Eróticos! Hey, don’t just take our word for it—get ready to dive into the love tales of ancient Peru with Mike! Come with us to Moche City and let’s check out these jaw-dropping Huacos Eróticos.

It’s like getting front-row tickets to the spicy stories of the Moche people! Let Mike lead the way again and embark on this ancient trip to the past. Are you ready for the adventure?

Moche ceramics

Wondering about Michael Cocke’s stories? Check out Kasa De Franko’s Blog to find out why he accidentally said: “me gusta la chucha de tu madre”. You’ll definitely want to know why that’s a no-go! Mike learned this lesson on his last trip to Northern Peru. Anyway…

Hit us up if you want us to cover anything specific about the history, traditions, or culture of the Peruvian North. We’re pumped to share our culture and language with pals and clients.

If you’re after Spanish lessons, peep our sister company in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area in California: Kasa De Franko, A Fun Spanish School.

Ready to take a trip back in time? Well, for now: It’s time to say “adiós”! And always remember.

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