The Encounter of Two Worlds - Catedral de Cajamarca

The Encounter of Two Worlds

The Encounter of Two Worlds - Catedral de Cajamarca

The Encounter of Two Worlds

The Treasures of Cajamarca

Discover the treasures of Cajamarca, a charming city located in the northern highlands of Peru, where history and natural beauty combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Cajamarca is known for being the “Encounter of Two Worlds” where the Spanish and Inca cultures first clashed. This cultural fusion is still evident today in the city’s cuisine, music, and traditions.

The Encounter of Two Worlds - Francisco Pizarro

The Ransom Room

On November 16, 1532, Cajamarca witnessed one of the most significant episodes in American and Peruvian history.

Francisco Pizarro took the Inca emperor Atahualpa prisoner, marking the beginning of a new historical era. The Ransom Room is where Atahualpa was held captive by the Spanish conquistadores.

The Encounter of Two Worlds - Cuarto del rescate

Architecture: Cultural Fusion

The architecture of Cajamarca reflects the cultural fusion of European and indigenous influences. Cajamarca was already a very important urban center—if not the most important—when Spaniards arrived.

The main square, Plaza de Armas, is surrounded by impresive buildings such as the Cathedral, the Church of San Francisco, and the City Hall.

The Encounter of Two Worlds - San Francisco Cathedral, Cajamarca

Los Baños del Inca

Relax in the therapeutic hot springs of Baños del Inca, just outside the city, the Inca Atahualpa himself bathed. Enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains while immersing yourself in these natural pools.

Baños del inca

Ventanillas de Otuzco

Venture to the Ventanillas de Otuzco, a pre-Columbian era necropolis consisting of niches carved into a rocky cliff, providing a glimpse into the region’s unique burial customs.

Ventanillas de otuzco

Hacienda Colpa

Experience the region’s stunning landscapes and biodiversity at the tranquil Laguna de Llacanora and the magnificent Hacienda Colpa, a historic estate that
showcases the region’s rich agricultural traditions.

Indulge Your Taste

Indulge your taste buds with Cajamarca’s gastronomic delights. Don’t forget to savor the fresh dairy products, including cheese and yogurt, cookies, cocoa goodies, produced locally and sold at the city’s bustling markets.

Sample local specialties such as manjar blanco (sweet milk-based spread), queso helado (frozen dessert made with milk and cheese), cuy chactado (fried guinea pig), humitas de choclo (Peruvian tamales), caldo verde (green broth), quesillo con miel (sweet cottage cheese), and lechón al horno (roast pork).

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