Capital of Friendship!

Chiclayo: Capital of friendship The Friendly Chiclayans Chiclayo, capital of the Lambayeque region, is a city known for its friendly people. Visit the neoclassical Santa Maria’s Cathedral and the Casa Elias Aguirre, a stunning 19th-century mansion, the Ex-Convent of San Francisco and the San Antonio de los Padres Descalzos Basilica. The Witch Market Explore the […]

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Capital of Culture

Lambayeque: Capital of Culture The International Book Fair Discover the vibrant and culturally rich destination of Lambayeque with Koslachek Private Tours. Known as the “Capital of Culture”. The Feria Internacional del Libro (International Book Fair) held in Lambayeque is the most important cultural event in the region, attracting visitors and authors from all over Peru

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Kuntur Wasi

San Pablo: Kuntur Wasi The Condor’s House Kuntur Wasi, (the Condor’s House) located near San Pablo Cajamarca, is a pre-Columbian archaeological site that offers a glimpse into the past civilization that inhabited the area. The site features impressive architectural structures, including a pyramid and a series of circular plazas. Kuntur Wasi is known for its

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Giant Erotic Ceramics

Hey there, time travelers! Wanna spice up your journey? We’ve got a secret to share: Keep it hush-hush until we dive in!—ever heard of the Moche civilization’s Huacos Eróticos? Mmm… We surely got your attention with that headline and you may have never heard the …

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Entrance in chepen

The Pearl of the North

Chepén, known as the Pearl of the North, is a city in La Libertad, Peru. Its agricultural production, especially rice, and its Chinese immigration influence make it the birthplace of chifa, a delicious Peruvian-Chinese fusion cuisine. Its rich pre-Hispanic, colonial, and republican …

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Peru Through My Art

As an artist and design professor, I enjoy traveling, learning new languages, and getting to know people from different cultures. Most of my paintings are inspired by the places I visit in Latin America. I am especially fascinated by old architecture and contemporary …

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